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nottingham on the storm heading east packing powerful winds and blizzard conditions. reporter: mobile, alabama is still cleaning up a day after storm ripped roofs from homes and shattered car windows. the porch at this home was destroyed. 34 tornadoes hit the southeast, the most ever in the u.s. on christmas day. years of drought in texas made the dry trees vulnerable to high winds. in arkansas, more than a foot of snow made for a rare day of sledding. more than 200,000 people have no power in the south. as the storm heads east, heavy rain is flooding parts of south carolina, blowing snow causing white-out conditions in indiana and ohio. and blizzard warnings are posted as far north as maine. this storm is wrecking travel plans. more than 900 flights have been canceled across the u.s., with more expected in the next couple of days. here at reagan national
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airport, freezing rain is delaying some flights. but many passengers are stuck because of snow at their destinations. >> a cancellation? >> reporter: dorian friedman and her daughter were going to lansing, michigan. >> i had a bad feeling on the way here and said, i don't see any planes taking off or landing. so we weren't surprised. but it's a little frustrating. >> reporter: this storm is now bringing snow, freezing rain and high winds to the east coast. forecasts are calling for yet another winter storm to hit the same area this weekend. danielle nottingham, cbs news, reagan national airport, arlington, virginia. around here, the rain may have cleared out for the time being. but it left behind quite a mess. this is the great highway in san francisco where excess water forced the closure of the southbound lanes. but it's the rainwater you can't see that could pose the biggest danger. mark sayre is with homeowners keeping their eyes on saturate
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hillsides. >> reporter: in the past 25 years, 100 californians have died as a result of landslides and the bay area already a high risk area. that risk only goes up the more rain we get. you don't have to look far to see the signs all of over the bay area of plenty of small landslides like this one in the hills of alameda county or this one along nearby morrison canyon road which remains closed due to the ongoing landslide danger. according to the california geological survey, there is no specific data that can predict when any particular hillside will give way. >> the longer you go into the season, the greater that risk becomes because the ground has absorbed that much more water. >> reporter: ron ruben is a state geologist who studies landslides all over california. he says the bay area is particularly at risk. >> the type of bedrock that we have in the bay area is generally relatively weak compared to other parts of the
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state and we also have additional weakness in the rocks based on the amount of faulting that's happened in the bay area. that fault activity over time will weaken rocks. >> reporter: this map of the bay area shows the areas at the highest risk of landslides along the east and south bay hills of and on the peninsula since one major predicter of landslides is previous landslides residents along canyon hikes drive here in fremont monitor the hills. this old landslide is clearly visible just above the neighborhood but juan gonzalez says there has not been too much trouble recently. >> the neighbors had a meeting in the school and they were concerned about the slides. >> reporter: it's right above the school. >> yeah. >> reporter: now, if you live right nexta hillside the experts advise you not to sleep in lower bedrooms during times of heavy rain. keep an eye out for fresh cracks in the hillside and any sort of mud and rock flow that you haven't seen before. live in menlo park, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. well, at times the rain was coming down at a rate of more
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than two-tenths an hour. we have video of the rain in the parking lot of the bay fair shopping center in san leandro this morning. we turn now to cbs 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno and paul, just how much did we get? >> we got more than an inch of rainfall again in many locations. want to show you first just what's going on right now that we are getting indeed that break from the rainfall. cbs 5 hi-def doppler dry from the north bay all the way south to san jose. san jose about a third of an inch of rainfall yesterday. christmas rainfall for san rafael more than an inch. another inch of rain for san francisco. another inch of rain for oakland. half a foot of rainfall now officially in san francisco making this is wettest month of the year. we almost had this much in march. we'll talk about our next rain chance and how much rain to expect then coming up in about 10 minutes in your full forecast. >> thank you. the rain here, well, you know, that means snow not in sierra. this is nyack on i-80 and drivers heading to the mountains can expect some slippery roads, chain controls and just slow going. you can track the next round of
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rain that's moving in anytime of the day. we have our live high-def doppler radar at new at 5:00, police are investigating the body of a woman found floating in a lagoon at a condo complex in santa rosa. people who live at the complex found the body of the 66-year- old woman. several of her belongings were also in the lagoon. >> we had retrieved a small suitcase that appears to belong to her as well as her purse. >> investigators are trying to determine if security cameras in the area captured anything. they are also hoping an autopsy will give them some answers. but as of now, they doesn't suspect foul play. a driver accused in a deadly hit-and-run in san francisco was in court today. police say 23-year-old gina union newest was drunk when she hit four pedestrians at the twin peaks lookout point thursday.
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one of those pedestrians was killed. police arrested eunice nearby at a parking lot and today the judge set bail at $2 million. president obama will be on a red eye tonight on air force one of the he is cutting his hawaiian vacation short heading back to washington to deal with, you guessed it the "fiscal cliff." so far, nobody knows if any significant strides towards a compromise have been made. no negotiations have been scheduled. lawmakers now have less than a week to figure out a deal. the senate is due in session tomorrow. the house has no plans to convene. a weak holiday shopping report to blame for today's wall street losses. all three indices down. also not so great, retail sales. mastercard says americans ended up spending just 0.7% more on holiday gifts this year than last. the worst numbers since 2008, all this is a surprise since analysts were expecting up to
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4% increase in sales. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman found the after-christmas sales aren't so hot either, at least at union square. >> reporter: the sales are good. people just aren't buying. i was at union square earlier. the place was empty. not like sagebrushes were going down the street. i went away for a couple of hours, the place is packed now. so the retailers got to hope these people are buying stuff because they need a post- christmas miracle. susan king wanted to buy toys for her grandchildren but couldn't manage to go to a toy store. visions of the sandy hook elementary school were in her head. >> i couldn't take the shopping and seeing all the little kids 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds, particularly saddens me. >> reporter: she bought gift cards instead and none of the streaks stuff she might have found being in -- none of the extra stuff she might have been found being in stores. december retail is a bummer in the news and stores. >> this is not at all a good
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holiday season for the retailer. >> reporter: it could have been for the customer. >> 495. our price is 179 and an additional 10% now. >> reporter: and no one is buying it? >> not yet. >> reporter: this shop slashed prices as retailers did all over the country. still, it was not a good christmas for her nor most others. >> it started out already. and it just dropped off about a week ago. >> reporter: that's when it should have been booming. as it turned out this was the worst season since the country was mired in recession 2008. sales were up fractionally. expectations were up 3 to 4%. >> the controversy around this "fiscal cliff" kicked in and people started feeling more fearful, consumer confidence took a dip. >> reporter: kit yarrow checked out union square crowds and was surprised to find light traffic. that's not good. 15% of annual sales for many stores come the week after
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christmas. >> consumers are willing to way. they have the means to investigate prices and, you know, they are holding out. there's still plenty of time, but obviously it's not going to be a stellar retail holiday season. >> reporter: if you are looking to buy anything, this is the time do it. 50% off and then 20% off that? lots of stores have that today. in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs 5. getting weapons off the streets. hundreds line up to turn in their guns for groceries. why critics say five acts like these don't make the city safer. >> and don't be lured by those 47 mpg claims. many mileage estimates are overrated. >> the cars are not getting the fuel economy you would expect. >> the push to make estimates more accurate. >> giving back, not your time or money but your presents. we go into the mall madness to find out what gifts are going back to the stores. ,,,,,,,,
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decided today was the day to clean out the basement. and he found 5
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and a half pounds of dynami! a man who lived in a west oakland home for 30 years decided today was the day to clean out the basement. and what he found was 5.5 pounds of dynamite. at firstk he carried it all back out to his truck but then thought better of it who called police who called the bomb squad. they hauled it away but not before evacuating part of the neighborhood on 37th street. the dynamite dated back to world war ii. gun buy-back programs here in the bay area are proving to be a big hit and in los angeles city leaders moved up the date of the city's annual buy back program in the wake of the newtown school shooting. had prices were $100 to $200. even those turning in guns didn't think it would change much. >> they think might is right. that's how it's always been. it's something i don't think you can unlearn in a short
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term. >> l.a. police have taken back 8,000 weapons in the past few years. most of the guns are old or broken and probably wouldn't be used in a crime anyway. other bay area headlines a safeway store in the westlake district of daly city is closed right now. it was evacuated earlier this afternoon when shoppers smelled what they thought was gas. pg&e showed up and determined it wasn't gas. hazmat is still trying to figure out the source. a family christmas party this alameda won't be fondly remembered in the coming years. a fight broke out. a 42-year-old woman at the apparent used a box cutter to injure three of her family members. it happened in an apartment on willie star gill avenue. the woman was arrested. caltrain commuters face big delays. some trains were delayed for more than an hour. caltrain blamed the signalling problem and switched to backup software. trains are back on time now. hospitals are running out of some cancer drugs for children. a new report spells out just
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how dangerous that is for the patients. >> then too good to be true. the overstated mileage estimates some automakers are admitting to. and the push to make sure they're more accurate. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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were shot and killed while
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responding to a fire on christmas eve. in webster new york funerals are scheduled for the two volunteer firefighters shot and killed while responding to a fire on christmas eve. michael chiaperrini will be buried on sunday and 19-year- old stephen firefighter will be buried monday. two other firefighters survived the shooting. candles and teddy bears and cards for those killed at sandy hook elementary will be used to build a permanent memorial. for now the mementos will stay up until after the new year so people can pay respect for the people killed. then the items will be gathered for the memorial. a nationwide shortage of cancer drugs is putting the life of children of risk. dr. kim mulvihill explains how the substitute drugs are not
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preventing relapse. >> reporter: three years ago, abby was diagnosed with hodgkin's' lymphoma a curable cancer of the immune system. >> it was harder on my parents. >> reporter: then 10, abby started chemotherapy and was doing well but then one of her drugs became unavailable due to a shortage. she was switched to another drug which was considered a safe and effective alternative. we let them finish up her treatment with that but then at 12 weeks when we went back for the radiation she relapsed. >> reporter: now as reported in the new england journal of medical a closer look at the drug substitutionna . national clinical trial led by saint jude children's hospital the two-year cancer-free survival fell from 88% to 75% after the substitute drug was administered. >> this is the first
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studyclearly show that when we substitute one drug for another they are not all of us as good. >> reporter: because of the relapse she had to have a bone marrow transplant, radiation and more chemotherapy. now at 13 she is cancer-free. >> obviously it could have been worse. what if i relapsed another time. >> reporter: the primary drug is now available again. no patients in the study have died. but those who relapsed may have other health problems down the road. this is a clear example of how drug shortages affect patients and why these shortages must be prevented. >> you would hope so. >> reporter: we have more probable needed. >> thank you. paul, we have a lot of rain over the past couple of days but hopefully a little break. >> we have earned the break and we'll get it over the next 24 to 48 hours. i don't see any rain in the
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forecast until friday evening. mounts this hospital is shot from oakland airport looking back over san francisco. sunset at 4:58. temperatures in the 50s. santa rosa currently at 49. showers around as recently as 1 p.m. have pushed to the south and we are mainly dry. still some snow showers west slopes of the sierra. another 2 to 4" of new snow this evening. winter storm warning continues. chains likely required on i-80, highway 50. we have seen 60 to 80 inches of snow since friday. 30s in the area.
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,we had a northwest flow of air this morning giving us showers, pushing south now. high pressure is building in and skies are clearing leading to the chilly night tonight. high means dry all of tomorrow for the first half of friday. but then quickly high pressure is not going to hang out. it's moving east allowing another area of low pressure to move in. rain is back late in the day on friday. another 24 hours of rainfall coming to the bay area. so friday afternoon through about lunchtime on saturday here comes the rain again. and if you have been waiting to hit the slopes, do it this weekend. so much snow up there. it's the holiday, chances are you have time off. great weekend for skiing in northern california.
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showers return friday, saturday morning wet, sunday, monday new year's day dry. >> it's about been five weeks. >> we have earned it. >> it's been a while. >> thank you. 47 miles per gallon sounds too good to be true and in some cases it is. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts with how many cars have overstated mileage estimates. reporter: meet the 5 passenger hybrid. >> reporter: ford's answer to the prius. >> c max and fusion hybrids. both boast 47 miles per gallon but when consumer reports recently tested vehicles it found the c-max actually delivered 37 miles per gallon the fusion 39. >> the cars are not getting the fuel economy you would expect. >> reporter: last month both kia and hyundai admitted they overstated mileage on more than one-third of the vehicles they have sold since last year.
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john bought his kia based on those estimates. but instead of getting the advertised 21 city and 28 highway he says he is getting an average 16 miles per gallon. >> we decided to try to use it only for freeway driving. >> we have seen a lot of liberties taken in the advertising. >> reporter: a consumer watchdog believes carmakers boost mileage estimates to sell cars. his group is asking car owners to track their own mileage and report if it's not living up to the estimates. >> we need to hear from all consumers with problems. >> reporter: his group is also calling for oversight of estimates. right now carmakers test vehicles themselves according to standards and the epa [ indiscernible ] 15% of the results. >> it's an imperfect process. >> reporter: a hybrid car expert has a different opinions. >> the tests are too lenient. nobody drives like the tests. >> reporter: drive more like
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the test. >> no jack rabbit starts. coasting to a stop. staying within the speed limit. all of those things, you're going to see the epa numbers or higher. >> reporter: and ford agrees. it says there are many factors that cause mileage to vary including weather. it also points out some hybrid owners actually are reporting better mileage than the estimates. meanwhile, the epa is now reviewing ford's mileage estimates. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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deal on what they really wa for christmas. fer mistrot malls are packed with shoppers who have high hopes of getting a good deal on what they really wanted for christmas. cbs 5 reporter jennifer mistrot was in the middle of the mayhem to find out what everyone was taking back. >> reporter: that's right, kids. santa has left the building. no more throngs of shoppers running down those last-minute christmas gifts. what day is it today? >> the 26th, day after christmas, where everybody mobs the stores.
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: she's right. >> let me see if we have one that i can scan. >> reporter: and they're back! ready to return. >> just some boots and clothes. >> reporter: hats, makeup, jewelry, sweater and everything else these folks found under the tree. >> i need to return these. that's the only reason i'm here. >> reporter: the shoppers confessing to something that many of us don't want to admit. on the day after christmas, americans return about one in every 10 presents we receive. price code in, cash out. simple. >> there's no refunds on any items but i just want my money back. >> reporter: okay, not so simple. >> store credit. what can i do? >> reporter: you can always come back and hang out here. what are you doing here? >> i'm waiting for might have wife. >> reporter: with the other husbands and boyfriends waiting out this shopping day. how long do you think you're going to be sitting here? >> maybe another 30 to 40 minutes. >> reporter: some would say
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you're a very patient guy. >> no problems. >> reporter: and worry, it is open seating, no proof of purchase required. jennifer mistrot, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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imagine paying 8-dollars foa gallon of milk. it could happen, and soon. why the cost of dairy could skyrockn here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news tonight. imagine paying $8 for a gallon of milk. it could happen. and soon. why the cost of dairy could skyrocket in just a matter of days. >> and another story about
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consumers left to dry. how international politics driving up the price of your dry-cleaning. that and more at 6:00. first, the "cbs evening news" is next. jim axelrod is in for scott pelley. see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado storm is on the move. the midwest got a blizzard for christmas, the south got dozens of tornadoes, and the northeast is next. the first numbers are coming in, and elaine quijano reports this could be the weakest holiday shopping season in years. hospitals are running out of some cancer drugs for children. >> that is the really scary part-- what if i relapse again? >> axelrod: dr. jon lapook on the danger to the patients. and-- >> i think i found something. >> axelrod: it was the only thing she had left after super storm sandy. michelle miller catches up with a woman determined to start over. >> they all send me e-mails and funny things for me to laugh. they all ask about me, including you. captioning sponsored by cbs

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